Tulip bulb planting advice

The best time to plant tulips is November-December. If the bulbs are planted earlier they will start to grow and this may result in frost damage to the shoots.

They will grow in any reasonable soil, as long as it does not get waterlogged, and they do best in full sun, but tolerate some shade. Plant the bulbs 6-8ins deep, 4-8ins apart.

If planting in containers it is important to provide adequate drainage, and if the weather should become really cold, protect by wrapping with bubble wrap, cardboard etc. If the bulbs become frozen, they are likely to rot on defrosting. In pots you can plant fairly close together for a good display but ensure the bulbs do not touch each other or the sides of the container. Plant with the flat side out.

Tulip bulbs can be lifted when the foliage has turned yellow. Store in a cool dry place and replant in November.

All of our bulbs come with planting advice enclosed. See our Tulip Bulb collection here

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