The farm

Our family’s been farming just under two and a half thousand acres of beautiful and fertile Cornish countryside for over 130 years.

Here on the Fal estuary we grow over 400 varieties of daffodil, including many that are new, unique and rare. Our expertise in Cornish cut flowers, professional grade vegetable plants and bulbs - as well as our more than 50 years’ experience - means we also export worldwide and sell direct to gardeners, wholesalers, councils and gardening clubs.

This is one of the world’s best places to grow daffodils and narcissi. It’s a thrill and a privilege to farm here; we also grow cereals (which cover 1,600 acres), raise lamb (1000 breeding ewes), supply 80% of the vegetable seedlings Cornish farmers need and, in August, September and October, sell our bulbs online, wholesale and from the shop on the farm.

A little of our history

You can trace Hoskings farming in Cornwall back to the late eighteenth century, but we’ve been where are now, on the Fal estuary, since 1883.The fifth generation of our family to work on the farm joined us for part of summer 2014.

A life before tractors, transport and all of today’s technology wasn’t easy – but some things in farming are constants which have nothing to do with progress. For all this time, whatever we’ve been doing here we’ve done with care and love for everything we’ve grown, reared and cultivated, always making sure we do nothing in our farming present to harm our farming future. As you can see we have just launched our new website so it's an easier and smoother experience for you.As part of this we are also working on a new and improved farm history and about us page which will be here very soon, so please come back ASAP to find out even more about us, including our farming timeline which dates back to 1791.