Daffodil bulb planting advice

Planting daffodil bulbs

Daffodil bulbs are best planted in September - November in well drained soil. They will grow well in sun or part shade. Plant them anywhere in the garden in a free draining situation, avoiding total shade and close proximity to south facing walls where the soil temperature is likely to become uncomfortably hot for the bulbs. Plant at twice the depth of the bulb (i.e. 4-6" below the surface of the soil), 4-8 ins apart. For miniature daffodils, plant at twice the depth of the bulb and 3-5ins apart.

Daffodils and narcissi are great in beds and borders, they are also well suited to naturalising in grass verges, lawn edges, hedgerows and banks. A quick and easy way to plant is to prise up the turf with a spade, place the bulbs underneath and then tread gently back down.

Bulbs can be grown in any pot or planter so long as there is adequate drainage. Place bits of broken pottery or stones in the bottom to assist free drainage and air circulation. Plant in multi-purpose compost, water thoroughly and leave in a cool place until leaves appear. Bulbs in pots can be planted much closer together but make sure they don't touch each other or the sides of the container. Bulbs can be layered with the latest flowering bloom at the bottom. During the winter protect from severe frost by taking them inside or covering with bubble-wrap.

Flowering varies according to the variety, usually Jan-April with most daffodil varieties flowering in February - March.

Looking after your bulbs

For annual growth, allow the leaves to die back naturally for as long as possible before cutting off (but don't tie the leaves in a knot). Bulbs can be lifted in June - August and stored in a cool dry place for replanting in the autumn. Apply a potash rich fertiliser (with little or no nitrogen) in the autumn or late spring, particularly where nutrients are leached from the soil by drips from over-hanging trees.

Daffodil blindness

The most common reasons for daffodils being 'blind' (no flowers, just leaves) are because they were not planted deep enough, or they were planted too close together and have become overcrowded, or they may need feeding with fertiliser (see above).

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