Hyacinth bulb planting advice

Wear gloves when handling hyacinth bulbs to avoid skin irritation.

Indoor Pots and Containers for Hyacinths

Choose “prepared” bulbs for planting in doors. Plant your bulbs as soon as possible in containers that are at least twice the depth of the bulb. Plant bulbs in peat (or peat, soil and sand mix) with the tip of the bulb just showing.

Place the containers in a cool dark place for at least 10 weeks to allow proper root development. Bring them out in to warmth and strong light 2-3 weeks before your desired flowering time.

Keep moist throughout, and water regularly when in the warmth.

If the roots have forced the bulb out of pot, tip it out and replant with more peat.

Plant bulbs in garden as soon as possible after flowering.

How to get an even bowl of hyacinths, even using different colours:

Plant bulbs in individual pots. Select bulbs at the same growth stage just before flowering to plant up in the bowl.

Outdoor Pots and Containers for Hyacinths

Ideal for formal planting, or to add brilliant splashes of colour around your garden.

Plant as soon as possible, 4-6 inches deep in well drained soil.

Leave undisturbed after flowering for years of spring colour.

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