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Tips for moving your bulbs...

Tips for moving your bulbs...

Some gardeners are now wondering what to do with their daffodils now they've died back for another season. We recommend leaving your bulbs where you originally planted them, but if you want to move them... here are some helpful tips to keep your bulbs in top condition before re-planting them in the autumn months. Hold off lifting your bulbs until the leaves have completely died or if unsure, July/August is a good time to lift them. This ensures the nutrients from their dying back leaves have gone back into the bulb. This gives them a better chance for the following season! We recommend to lift the bulbs delicately out of the soil and place them in an airy sack somewhere dry. Try not to leave them anywhere where they might become damp as this can lead to mould and diseases. Also, try to leave them out of direct sunlight. Lastly, we recommend planting your bulbs as soon as you can in the autumn months. Bulb planting usually takes place between September - November. Remember if you're expecting a harsh frost one night during the winter months, try and cover your bulbs or even better if they are in pots, bring the pots inside. Frost can stunt the flowers growth and lead to shortened stems.

We hope these tips are helpful!

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