Tips For Tulips In A Vase

Tulips aren't just for planting in the garden or having in pots outside. Tulips are a very popular flower to have in a vase around the house or mixed into a bouquet with other flowers. They are known for their wide range of vibrant colours and can last well in a vase. Tulips do need proper care though and that's where we come in with a few helpful you can make the most of your beautiful tulips!

1/ First thing to do... remember to cut the ends off your tulip stems before putting them in a vase. We recommend to cut about 1 inch off and then immediately put them into fresh water. 2/ Tulips don't like drinking dirty or warm water, so make sure you are changing the water every other day! 3/ Do not be alarmed if your tulips droop after putting them into a vase. They've had a journey getting to you without any water so will require time for a drink. As long as they are in fresh water and the ends of the stems have been cut off they will stand back up...just give them time! 4/ You can if you want remove any excess leaves you don't want 5/ We also recommend removing the tulips every three/four days and cutting the tips off the stems. This is to help encourage them to drink more water- hopefully preserving them for longer!

We hope these are helpful!!