Our Packaging

Our Flowers By Post Packaging:

Our flowers by post will reach our customer's front door, in a fully recycled and recyclable custom Fentongollan cardboard box. Customers can add a special touch by adding a Fentongollan card to their order. This is especially popular with customers sending flowers to a loved one, who want to send a personal message with their order. Our cards are printed on quality card and have a lovely finish to them. Our cards are protected in a plastic envelope for their journey, as it protects the card from sap. We are still researching into environmentally friendly options for our protective envelopes and hopefully swapping to bio-based (biodegradable) film in time for next daffodil season. Finally, our flowers are wrapped in recyclable tissue paper and our larger flower by post orders which require bigger boxes are secured with paper raffia ribbon for their journey. All our flowers are delivered by FedEx- next day delivery courier service for free. This helps to ensure that our flowers arrive to our customers in the best condition possible- straight from the farm!!

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