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Lambing 2021

Here at Fentongollan Farm we lamb just under 500 ewes. We lamb inside during the months of February/March. The lambing season is just about to come to an end with only 15 left to lamb. The weather has been on our side nearly the whole time and our team has been wonderful yet again!

We are very lucky to have Jess (a fulltime paramedic/part time shepherdess) look after the mothers to be and lambs in the day time- along side local shepherd Keith who looks after them during the night time- around the clock care, in the best hands! We are also very lucky to have friends and family willing to get stuck in and help too.

This year one special ewe made it onto the news several times for giving birth to not one, not two, not three, not four but five healthy lambs (quintuplets)! What made it even more special was that the mother ewe was managing to rear them all by herself. They say quintuplets are very rare- one in a millionth chance!

We are looking forward to seeing them grow in the fields here on the farm, during the Spring/Summer months.

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