What to do in the garden this month

Posted by: Katie

May is the month when your planting should be in full swing! But if you live in a particularly chilly or waterlogged area, bear this in mind before you plant out your tender seedlings and look out for late season frost also!

However if you have bought our vegetable seedlings, you are safe to plant them out straight away, as we ensure they are fully hardened off before we send them out to you.

All of our summer harvest crops are now available and ready to plant, everything from aubergines to spinach and for those of you wanting to grow your own pumpkins for Halloween, now is the time to do so.

Pumpkins are very thirsty plants, so make sure you dig a decent sized hole and add plenty of organic matter, before packing in the seedling firmly. This should help retain as much moisture for the plant as possible.

May pests & diseases:


Watch out for flea beetles! Particularly fond of radishes, rocket and brassica seedlings such as cauliflower, broccoli and cabbages. Make sure plants are well watered, which should keep them strong and in turn help them survive an attack.

Slugs and snails, everybody’s favourite pest! They can be deadly at this time of year, when the seedlings are still small and the wet spring weather draws them out, so keep a watchful eye.

Carrot flies lay their eggs this month, you can protect your crop with fleece.

Root fly collars, perfect to pop around your cabbages, caulis and broccoli to deter the cabbage root fly, we sell these in our online shop.

See our full range of vegetable plants and gardening products here.

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