Plant your summer flowering bulbs now!

Posted by: Katie

If you haven't already, now is the time to plant your summer flowering bulbs. As always, we have a huge range to suit every garden and every taste and they are ready now.

If Lilies are your thing we have a wonderful array of colours to chose from, remember lilies grow well in pots which also means you can move them around the garden / patio as you wish and make the most of their divine scent. If planted now you can expect a glorious display come the summer months.

For planting out in soil, we suggest planting 6-8 inches deep and 18 inches apart, in well drained soil, enriched with well rotted compost is essential. They are happiest in a sunny spot but do not mind light shade for part of the day. Keep watered during dry spells and taller varieties may needs staking, they grow from 48 to 72 inches according to variety. After flowering cut down stems and cover crowns with a mulch of peat or leaf mould to protect during the winter.

To grow in containers or pots, use a good, multi-purpose compost and plant approximately 3 bulbs in a 12 inch diameter pot. When the plants begin to shoot, move them to a sunny position where they can be enjoyed and we recommend feeding them on a weekly basis with a liquid plant feed from the beginning of summer.

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