Indoor Amaryllis for Christmas Flowering

1st October 2011

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Indoor amaryllis are among the most spectacular of all bulbs and if planted in October are perfect for Christmas flowering . Here are our top tips for a spectacular Christmas display.

Plant bulbs individually in 6-7inch pots or group a few bulbs together in a 10-12inch container. Fill the pot about half full with potting mix ( lightly damp) and place the bulb on top and fill in around the sides. Leave only the top third of the bulb exposed.

Place the pot in a warm place, an airing cupboard or on top of the fridge can be good. Water only when the top inch of the potting mix is dry to the touch. Be careful not to over water as this could rot the bulb.

Growth generally begins in 2-8 weeks. Certain varieties of Amaryllis may take more time to sprout. As soon as the bulb sprouts, move to a sunny spot. Rotate the pot frequently to prevent the flower stalks from leaning towards the light. The flower stalks may require support to keep from toppling.

Good Christmas varieties include Minerva ( pictured) , Red lion, Baby Star

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